Super Big Plastic Desoldering Pump Suction Cup Tin Solder Removal Anti-Skid Handle Welding Repair Tools

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1.Large capacity,powering spring,simple operation,powerful solder sucker.

2.One-touched cylinder and holder,which are easy to clean.

3.The protector can make you safe to operate it.

4.Protectoro-styled load mechanism is convenience to take along.



1.Push the set-knob for loading the cleaned shaft untl the knob stops.

2.Melt the solder where it is inteded to remove.

3.Aim the nozzle to the melted solder and then push the release button.Thus the solder can be sucked.

4.Press the release button which pushing the setknob without reloading the cylinder.

5.Push the sett-knob and then pull the protector,the load mechanism is released.



1.Dont take down the nozzle mechanically.

2.Dont let the solder fall into the nozzle advoidng short-circuit.

3.Dont use the damaged nozzle.



1.Push the set-knob until it stops and then take down the nozzle.

2.Stuff the nozzle tin hit into the cylinder holder,then press it toward the holder.

3.Grasp the cyliner and shaft holder and turn it anti-clock wise,pull and remove it.

4.Clean the pistor and the inner cyliner with a brush and then oil them.

5.Be careful to examine and replace the nozzle if necessary because the nozzle might be damaged if the solder is too hot.


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