Multifunction Cigarette Ceramic Tweezers High Temperature Insulation Vape Straight Tip Tweezers for Repair Tool Hand Set

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  • Tweezer is made by high-temperature ceramic-potting baking-resistant.
  • Is difficult, smooth and heat-resistant, can successfully complete the operation in high-intensity magnetic field, especially apply to acid and high-temperature welding condition.
  • Ceramic material is an excellent oxidative, hard to produce ion transfer.
  • And it will not generate static electricity when the transfer contacts the product.
  • Ceramic cusp does not contain magnetism and static electricity, suitable for the precision operation of sensitive electronic components.
  • The product has strong resistance to heat, can withstand 1600 °, and rarely brings cracks, able to work for a long time
  • This tweezer applies to acid condition, SMD, soldering point, high temperature operation, clean room, electronic equipment, precision machinery, electronic cigarette, pharmaceutical operation and so on.


  • Length:9CM
  • Material: Plastic + Ceramic

Package contents:

  • 1 x Tweezer


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