KCX-017 Mini Mobile Power Capacity Tester

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    1. Mini mobile power capacity tester 

    2. Test Content: Battery voltage, current, discharge capacity 

    3. Voltage: 3 - 7V / 50mA - 3500mA 

    4. Capacity: 0 - 19999mAh 

    5. Testing mobile power capacity: first mobile power is fully charged, the measured electric meter data is cleared. Mobile power supply connected to the load (or phone) discharge (divided into multiple discharge) after discharge tester display output capacity (in mAh) value, and then by the following formula: mobile power capacity (mAh) = output capacity mAh x output voltage 5V / mobile power efficiency (default 0.85) / Mobile power Battery voltage 3.7V 

    6. Mobile power the battery capacity is calculated according to the following formula: mobile power efficiency = output capacity mAh x output voltage 5V / Mobile Power Battery capacity mAh / mobile power battery voltage 3.7V 

    7. Test method: first the phone's battery runs out, and then to charge the phone using a mobile phone charger connected to the tester, the tester after charging display output capacity, and can be calculated by the following formula Battery capacity: off charge, the battery capacity = tester display capacity; start charging, mobile phone battery capacity tester display capacity of about x0.9

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