Digital Food Thermometer Kitchen Baby Tools With Stainless Steel Sensor TA-288

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1.pen-type structure, all stainless steel probe, high accuracy can be rapid temperature

2.Celsius ( C) to Fahrenheit ( F) free conversion, cooling, heating, family kitchen are available

3.LCD display, measuring significant increase in range, high stability, the function of temperature memory, and the temperature is kept

4.1.5V button battery, a battery life can be used continuously for 200 hours

5.beautifully packaged, easy to carry

6.Temperature range: -50 --- +300℃ (-58 --- +572 ℉)

7.Resolution:0.1 ℃/℉

8.Accuracy: +/-1℃ or +/-2℉ ( from 0 to 80℃)   +/-5-10℃ or +/-10-20℉ ( other temperature range)

9.Power supply: 1.5V


Package include:

1.1xFood Thermometer KT300

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