High Temperature Sponge Solder Cleaning Remove Tin Sponge Heat Sponge Welding Head Clean Sponge

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Maintenance of essential tools
Mainly used for cleaning of the tip, is the maintenance of essential gadgets


Compression type of sponge, the water will swell encountered.
On the iron frame above can be used normally.
Electric iron use a long time in the tip will have an oxide layer, resulting in not melt the solder, or the solder will not adhere to the head soldering iron, soldering very difficult. Presumably all the used electric iron's friends have such experience. In such cases it can be at this high temperature soldering iron sponge rub a few above, the tip of the oxide layer will rub off, exposing the inside of a fresh tip, can be a good welded.


1, the temperature inside the sponge soak into the water, so after squeezing out the excess moisture expansion, about dry state can be.

2, will be a hot electric iron head on top and gently rub a few times, you can tip above the oxide layer and the slag completely removed.
3, sponge place some time after the evaporation of water, which becomes dry, re-flooding can be reused


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