Dome Security Dummy Realistic Looking Security Camera Fake Camera With LED for Home

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Location: China
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Weight: 0.15kg

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    Sometimes we`re daunted by the price and power comsumption of some security cameras. This item is featured by its extremely low price. Though it's not a functioning video camera, it has the security function of nomal ones. 

    Virtually undistinguishable design, mix with real cameras to dramatically increase effectiveness at minimal cost

    Excellent deterrent for thieves, serves as a warning

    The red blinking LED light makes it appear to work just like a real security camera

    Cheap decoy/ dummy camera to scare off potential thefts

    With adjustable angle, brings you more convenience

    You can place it indoor of your house, office, shop, or office

    Waterproof for a safe outdoor area sheltered from extreme weather, heat or moisture

    Easily mountable on walls and ceilings, no wiring necessary

    Screws and wall mounting sockets included

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