Healthy Bracelets Bluetooth Smart Silicon Wristband Pedometer Monitoring Sleep Fitness Bluetooth4.0 Smart Bracelet Watch SH01

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    APP Setup :

    The bracelets memorize the data and the APP analysis those data the Bracelets memorized.

    Turn your Applephone (ios6.0 or above),open the APP store,input (Wristband APP),Then download and install the smart bracelets APP.

    Support iphone4s/5/5s/5c,ipad3,ipad mini,ipad air,nexus4/5/7,samsungs3/s4,samsung note3.(Android phones require 4.3 or later,Hardware version supports Blueooth 4.0)

    BT connection:before using the bracelets pls synchronize with the APP time. the Enter key

    2.Enter the bluetooth interface

    3.Press the Enter Key again to turn on the Bluetooth,the randonm number below the "broadcast" is the ID number of the bracelets

    4.Turn on the phone APP and click the Bluetooth mark,when the gray mark startsto flashmit means the bracelet is searching for Bluetooth device.the bluetooth mark will appear high light when connected successfully. "setting"on the APP and enter "bracelets setting",click time synchronization then can synchronize time,you can synchronize the target and sports data the same way.


    1.Entering the main menu the switch button abd entering the pedometer interface

    3.Press Enter Key to the secondary interface,you can see your sports result and also target there

    Note"you can ste the sports target by APP,click step counter target synchronization then it works,the bracelets can memorize 16days data,when over 16days,the new data will cover those old ones,but the data synchronized to APP can keep all the way


    1.Enter the main menu

    2.Switch to Sleep Monitor interface

    3.Press Enter Key and you can see the sleep status of the last night

    you can see your sleep status of last night the second morning,the following marks represent your sleepp quality






    Bluetooth Version:4.O BLE

    Standby time:over 100hours

    color:green red ,blue ,yellow, black 


    Package Included:

    1* host (built-in battery)

    1* charging line

    1* manual

    1* packing box








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