16 in 1 Watch Band Link Pin Strap Remover Case Opener Repair Adjust Set Kit Tools

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Location: China
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  • Description
    High quality
    Convenient, easy to use
    Time and money saving
    Perfect for those people who are interested in repair watches and Professional guys.
    No more expensive watch repairs cost from the local jewelers. 
    Fix it yourself with this 16 pcs of tool kit for watches. 
    It includes tools for changing the battery and adjusting the wrist strap.
    1* watchband link pin remover
    1 * watchband holder
    1  *  spring bar remover
     *  Pin punches
     *  metal and plastic hammer
     *  case knife
     *  case wrench
     *  slotted screwdrivers
     *  Phillips screwdrivers
     *  pair of long nose pliers with side cutters
     *  pair of stainless steel tweezers.
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