10kg-5g 5g/10kg 5g 10kg Digital Portable Electronic Weight Scale Scales WH-A03



Max Weighing: 50Kg
Min Weighing: 5g
Acurrency:0-10KG 5G,10-50KG 10G
Power by 2 X AAA battery (Not include)
The WH-series Portable Electronic Scale is an ideal new-generation weighing tool with delicate appearance , miniature pocketable size,high accuracy,stable and reliable performance/price rate. It also has the functions of taring,zero tracking,auto shut-off,units changeable and temperature measuring.It is suitable for the family,shop,outdoors or as gifts.
Turn on
Put the scale at vertical position without weight in hook, press “ON/OFF”key,the screen display(8888)and the buzzer utter the sound of hint, wait about two minutes,the screen displays(0.00 or 0.000),the scale is readyforweighing.
Tare/Zero setting
When weighing bulk goods,put the container in hook,press“TARE”,and the screen displays“0.00 or 0.000”,the scale is ready for weighing.When finish,hook in goods,the screen displays the weight of the goods.
Choosing Locking Function
Press “TARE”for 2 seconds. “L_ON” or “L_OF” will appear on the screen. “L_ON” stands for locking function, which means weight of the article will be fixed on the screen with the sign “LOCK”.Prees POWER again to weight new objects. “L_OF” stands for no locking function, which means weight of the article will not be fixed on the screen.
When the sreen displays(0.00or0.000),hook in goods, the screen displays the weight of the goods. Max weight shall not exceed full load add 9d(5kg:d=5g, 10kg:d=10g, 20kg:d=10g, 40kg:d=20g), overloaded,the screen will display “ERR”and the buzzer will warn.When the goods on the scale is stable,the scale will hold the weight of the goods automatically,the buzzer utter the sound of hint and display “HOLD or ” in the “l_on” mode .
Unit exchange:
Press “UNIT”key,the electronic scale will exchange the unit among kg,lb, jin ,oz(1kg=2.2lb=2jin=35oz)
Temperature test:
Press UINT key for 2seconds.the temperature will appear on the screen. The temperature error is ±2 degree Celsius
Turn off:
Under weighing (without “HOLD”)mode,pree “ON/OFF”key to turn off(No admittancewhen initiating).In “HOLD”mode,pree “ON/OFF”to clear“HOLD”,re-press “ON/OFF” to turn off. Under temperature test mode,press “ON/OFF” to exit the temperature test mode ,re-press “ON/OFF” to turn off .Or the electronic scale will auto turn off in 120second after stop operating .
1. Vertical position required for turn on or self test.
2. To keep the weight accuracy and protect the scale, please hold the stationary ring stict or add some additional tools on the stationary rings to weigh,don't weigh by holding the plastic casing.
3. Aviod any strong shock or vibration during operation.
4. The outer case of the scale is made of ABS engineering plastic, it is forbidden to clean with corrosive liquid such adbenzene,nitratesolvent,caustic soap and etc. Use clean water and wash detergent for cleaning.
5. When the screen appears the sign ,it means the batteries are exhausted and need to replace. If the scale is not use d for a long time, remove the batteries to avoid leakage and damage to the circuits.
6. Don't dismantle the scale yourself in case the product needs repair. Please contact our agency.
Package Included:
1. Quantity:1 Pcs

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