500g x 0.1g Mini Pocket Digital Scale for Gold Sterling Silver Jewelry Scales Balance Gram 200g x 0.01g Electronic Scales

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  • Tare range:Tare full capacity

  • Calibration:Auto calibration

  • Operation temp:50-86 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Auto off:30 seconds off

  • Power:2*AAA Batterles( not inculded batteries )


  • 1.Place scale on a horizontal flat surface,press (ON/OFF) key to turn on the scale.

  • 2.Wait until"0.0"is displayed,

  • 3.Put the object(s) on the weighing platform.

  • 4.Using the (LIGHT) KEY,you can turn on or off the backlight

  • 5.Using the (UNITS) key.you can switch between the weighing units.

Package incledes:

  • 1Pc x Pocket scale
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