10pcs 60W 900M Lead-free Solder Iron Tip Electric Soldering Irons for Rework Soldering Station Tool

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Location: China
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Brand new and high quality

Lifetime of no less than 50,000 welding spots

Lead-free,10 different sizes replacement tips for soldering the different components of PCBs

Fits for Hakko, Atten, Quick,  Aoyue and other brand iron station

Such as:900M, 933, 936, 937, 376, 907, 913, 951, 898D, 852D+, 878A

SGS Environmental Protection



Material: high quality oxygen-free copper with zinc-coated

Outer Diameter:1/4" (6.5mm),Inner Diameter:1/6" (4.0mm)

Life Time:no less than 50,000 welding spots


Package included:

1 pcs 900M-T-B,

1 pcs 900M-T-I

1 pcs 900M-T-K

1 pcs 900M-T-2.4D

1 pcs 900M-T-1.6D

1 pcs 900M-T-1.2D

1 pcs 900M-T-4C

1 pcs 900M-T-3C

1 pcs 900M-T-2C

1 pcs 900M-T-1C

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