LCD Separator Machine Touch Screen UV Instant Glue Remover Adhesive For Removing Superglue Cleaner Solution Repair Tools Set

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* Condition: 100% Brand New & High-quality UV glue
* Name: LOCA (Liquid optical clear adhesive ).
* Main raw material: Acrylic
* Use on unversial LCD digitizer
* Remove the broken glass and replace the new glass 
* easy and fast to dry
How to Use:

Step 1:.Apply 1.5ML UV glue in the middle area of LCD screen
Step 2: Clear up the other area of lcd screen except the area where you have applied UV glue . and be prepare to adhesive front glass .
Step 3: Adhesive the front glass correctly .
Step 4: To make the complete screen expose to the UV light after the UV glue is spread . it will take 3-5 minutes for the UV glue to be solidified .

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