Jakemy-8173 Precision Screwdriver Set Magnetic Multifunction Screwdriver Bits for Mobile Phone Tablet Watch

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Location: China
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Product : precision Screwdriver Set


1. magnetic design, convenient and unique

2. Complete specifications, wide range of uses, to meet a variety of fine maintenance, such as cameras, watches, tape recorders, keyboard phone notebooks,Mobile phone, etc.

3. High precision bite, double anti-rust treatment, hard but not brittle, tough but not soft

4. Aluminum alloy shell, anti-corrosion, rounded arc design, comfortable grip

5. The magnetic groove effectively sucks the bit to avoid the chaotic drop

6. The insert is inserted into the aluminum rod, which is automatically adsorbed and tightly combined.

7.S2 Material and Surface Treatment


1 x Precision Screwdriver Set

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