LCD Laser Rangefinders CP3007

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Location: China
Brand: Universal
Sku#: #S1361
Weight: 0.14kg

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    laser aiming

    Foot/Meter function button

    LCD screen

    Auto stop: switches off if you do not press any key for 4 min.

    Memory: allows you to measure and to store 3 different measures

    Calculation of area and volume.

    Addition and Subtraction function: allows you to add or subtract 2 measures.

    Clearing of memory function: allow you to delete quickly all the measures stored.

    Correction of errors: the distance measurer indicates that a distance measured is either too long, or too short.

    Power supply: 1 x 9V Alkaline type Battery (Not included)

    Units of Measure: Feet/Meters

    Accuracy: ~0.5%

    Frequency: 40 kHz (ultrasonic pickup)

    Working temperature: 0 to 43

    Package Included:

    1*LCD Laser Rangefinders CP3007

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