Wowstick Portable Leather Bag Case 17 in 1 Hand Tool Sets with Crowbar/Brush/Vientiane Soft Rod/Wrist Strap for Mobile Phone/Watch/Household

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1.A crowbar: The ergonomically designed handle and high-quality steel sheet can be easily inserted into small gaps, which is the best tool for disassembling mobile digital tablet devices;

2. Cleaning brush: used for dust cleaning inside the keyboard or electronic device;

3. Three-piece anti-static tweezers: for precision electronic components and for extracting parts in narrow places;

4. Anti-static plastic crowbar: one end is sharpened, one end can be used as a flat-headed screwdriver; it is an essential tool for electronic assembly such as circuit boards;

5. Vientiane soft rod: bending free direction pole, multi-directional bending, rotation and lengthening function;

6. Three-piece metal crowbar: mobile phone, IPAD, tablet, notebook and other small digital home appliances; pointed cymbals are easy to insert into small gaps, flat cymbals are easy to shell and maintain the degree of opening;

7. Anti-static wrist strap: it is used to discharge static electricity from the human body;

8. 6-piece sleeve: detachable small screw nut


What is the scope of use?

Suitable for DIY players, toy models, precision dismantling, parent-child interaction, electronic products, etc.


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