ESPLB Third Helping Hand Soldering Station 6pcs Flexible Arms 3X Magnifying USB Flashlight Fan Magnifier Welding Repair Station

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Location: China
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    Charge:Under 5V 1.5A

    USB Type:USB Cable

    Aluminum alloy base: Φ140mm x H11mm

    Universal joint pipe length: 300 - 400 mm (Accessories excluded)

    Aluminum alloy base color: Black




    1.The Third Hand quickens soldering,electronics, and DIY projects allowing you to finish your work faster than ever before! Our Third Hand makes positioning a breeze with six flexible arms.

    2.Flexible arms each with 3pcs large swiveling alligator clips, 1pcs 3X-5X magnifying glass, 1pcs 1X-4X zoom USB rechargeable flashlight, 1pcs USB brushless DC fan,clip / magnifying glass / flashlight can be removed.

    3.Precision cut and beautifully gold anodized base.

    4.Brushless DC fan, it could cooling down the temperature when you solder something,absorb the smoke from the welding.

    5.Silicon clip tips for the ultimate heat resistance

    6.Removable feet for a stable standalone operation

    7.Integrates perfectly with panavise vices and non-slip aluminum base mounts

    8.Very suitable for the complex difficulty welding such as model airplane repair, easy to clamp the solder and operation.


    Package including:

    1 pcs Aluminum Alloy Base

    1 pcs 3X-5X Magnifying Glass

    1 pcs 1X-4X Zoom USB Rechargeable Flashlight

    1 pcs USB brushless DC fan

    1 pcs Mini Spanner

    1 pcs Mini Screwdriver

    1 pcs Screw Nut

    3 pcs Alligator Clips

    6 pcs Universal Joint Pipe

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