Hotspot MMDVM NanoPi NEO UHF433MHz HAM P25 DMR D-STAR C4FM YSF for Raspberry Pi

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Location: China
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    Suit for Raspberry Pi 3,Raspberry Pi Zero W,Windows PC,Android



    Text:439.600MHZ DMR WIFI TZB/13902982913

    Software:Pi-Star BlueDV

    Adjustment reference:

    RXoffset: 800

    TXoffset: 1800

    Pay attention please

    Wait 10 minutes for the frequency to stabilize after power on  

    License Agreement:

    This project is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0  license. You may edit and share it as you like, as long as credit is given and the license is not changed. You can build as many boards for you and your friends as you like and you can even sell it to them to cover your costs, however it is strictly forbidden to turn this into a commercial product! You are not allowed to build and sell these boards for profit.


    All designs will be contributed on MMDVM open source project. 








    Package includes:

    1 * MMDVM Hotspot Expansion Board

    1 * 433 Antenna

    1 * Aluminium alloy CNC Case

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