ESPLB USB Rechargeable Flashlight Magnifying Glass Third Hand Pana with 6pcs Helping Hands Soldering Station Repair Welding Tool

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Location: China
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    1.The Third Hand quickens soldering,electronics, and DIY projects allowing you to finish your work faster than ever before! Our Third Hand makes positioning a breeze with six flexible arms.

    2.Flexible arms each with 4pcs large swiveling alligator clip,1pcs 3X-5X magnifying glass,1pcs 1X-4X zoom USB rechargeable flashlight,clip/magnifying glass/flashlight can be removabled,more stable,prevent overheating from falling.

    3.Precision cut and beautifully gold anodized base.

    4.Silicon clip tips for the ultimate heat resistance.

    5.Removable feet for a stable standalone operation.

    6.Integrates perfectly with panavise vices and base mounts.




    Aluminum Alloy Base: Φ140mm x H11mm

    Universal Joint Pipe Length: 300mm - 400mm (Accessories Excluded)

    Aluminum Alloy Base Color: Black

    Packing Weight:600g


    Package including:

    1 pcs Aluminum Alloy Base

    1 pcs Magnifying Glass

    1 pcs USB Rechargeable Flashlight

    4 pcs Alligator Clip

    6 pcs Universal Joint Pipe

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