ESPLB All Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper 0-150mm/200mm/300mm High Precision Measuring Gauging Tools Electronic Digital Calipers

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Location: China
Sku: S4055
Weight: 0.75kg


Length: 0-300MM
0-300MM 0-200MM 0-150MM



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Made of 4cr13 stainless steel,Strong and durable

With large LCD display, easy to read

Zero-setting at any position

Four way measurement: inside diameter, outside diameter, depth, step

Minimum scale to read is 0.01 mm / 0.0005 "

mm/inch measurement system conversion

It will turn off automatically in 5 mins while idle

Metal casing Electronic Digital Caliper offers instant and accurate readings of inside, outside, step, and depth measurements with accuracy of 0.001 " ,Adjustable thumbscrew provides tension for optimal movement of the slide and locks the jaws of the caliper in place.

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