Contact Sensor Alarm Burglar Alarm Touch Door Knob Alarm Electric Field Induced Body

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  • Sku Code: #S3739
    Weight: 0.07kg


    Operating voltage : DC 9V (Battery not included )

    Alarm sound pressure : 120dB

    Induction method: electric field induced body

    Scope: wooden doors, windows

    Installation: hanging on the door , the window

    Size : 101 × 55 × 26mm

    Using Instructions :

    The product hanging in the home , companies, hotels or factories door , when thieves touching or picking a lock , it will be issued by the sensor alarm to notify you promptly view , make the appropriate measures to ensure that you and your family 's lives and property of safety. Travel, hotel stay when traveling , you can hang themselves the product on your door within the housing for you fortification, check out free to dismantle until the next use .

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