hand balance WH-A05 1-10KG/5G,10-45kg/10g portable electronic scale hook scale portable said backlight pocket gadget tools gift

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Location: China
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Color: Black


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WH-A05 series portable electronic scale is used in family weighing,shopping weighing,etc.The specific feature of dual precision is content with low or high

weight,another with the characters of easy carring,high precision,multi-unit conversion,fast response,stable weighing,etc.



Dual precision, multi-unit conversion, fast response

Wide LCD screen display with blue background light

Tare function when weighing bulk goods

Four weighing units including Kg, OZ, Lb and JIN

Stainless steel hanging hook

Main body use ABS engineering plastic as main material

Press UNIT button 2 sec, display current temperature. Press ON/OFF button to recover

Bigger volume and higher precision

Very cabinet and being suitable to carry it.



Max weight:45Kg

Accuracy: 0-10Kg/5g, 10-45Kg/10g

With dual precision first on the market

4 selectable units: LB/ KG/ JIN/ OZ

Working voltage:2.4V~3V

Working current:back light on:<=10mA,back light off:<=4mA

Power off current:<=1mA

Color: Black, Silver

Power: 2*AAA battery  (not included)

Weight: 94g

Size: 12.5*4.5*2cm

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