Digital Thermostat Preheater Heating Platform 220V AC 600W YOUYUE583A

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Location: China
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    Hot Air Bga Preheating Preheater Reballing Soldering Station Atten AT853A
    1. Power button.
    2.heater button.
    3.temperature ajustment botton.
    4.Heating indicator plate
    6.air outlet
    1, heating quickly, just a few seconds you can reach the set temperature;
    2, continuous, reliable, better than the city of similar products;
    3, equipped with temperature sensing devices, temperature control and stability;
    4, with AT850D, AT8305 pulling hot air station and AT204D, AT936 anti-static soldering station use category for large chips (BGA)
    So fast with desoldering characteristics.
    5, factories and enterprises in the circuit for maintenance, control panels and computer motherboard repair mobile phones.
    Input voltage: 220VAC, ± 10%, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
    Temperature range: 100 ~ 350
    Air Flow Range: 0.18m3/min
    Output Power: 540W
    Package Content
    1 x Main Unit

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