Stereo V 2.1 Bluetooth Audio Dongle Receiver Bluetooth Music dongle for Mobiles/Cars/Computers/Tablets 3.5MM DC Jack

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    Product details:
    Chip: Chip Module with Bluetooth 2.1 stereo
    Output: 3.5mm audio interface
    Power supply: built-in 140mAh lithium battery
    Charging: USB charging
    Receiving distance: 10m
    Support Configuration A2DP AVRCP
    Support Smart Mobile iPad TV HIFI iPod, etc.
    Charging time: about 3 hours
    Standby time: about 70 hours, then the headset for about 3 hours
    Music time: connect active devices such as amplifiers or speakers about 6 hours
    Other passive devices connected to the headset for about 4 hours
    Product Features:
    1, cable becomes wireless, will be transformed into ordinary speakers wireless Bluetooth speakers.
    2, can be used with Bluetooth phones,your iPhone/PAD and various systems have Bluetooth enabled 
        computers and digital products paired achieve stereo wireless transmission.
    3, listen to music, watch movies, play games enjoy wireless shock effect.
    4, the product is simple, easy to carry, compact fashion.
    Product Information:
    Bluetooth audio adapter is a cost-effective Bluetooth stereo receiver, support mobile phone (Bluetooth-enabled), your iPhone/PAD and various systems have Bluetooth enabled computers and digital products to   achieve stereo wireless transmission, will instantly upgrade your speakers Bluetooth wireless speakers! 
    How to Bluetooth connection:
    1, open phone (or computer) Bluetooth function,search the surrounding Bluetooth devices in the search
    results to find a named BYL-928,918 Bluetooth devices, locate their pairing passkey is 0000 unification, the connection is successful,Bluetooth audio adapter indicator light is blinking will slow, which means that two
    devices are connected.
    2.the connection is successful playing phone (or computer) in the music, and then in the sub-menu,select
    music playback via Bluetooth, wonderful music that is played out from the speakers.
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