12W 220V Portable Shoes Boots Gloves Warmer Grille PTC Electric Dry Shoes Deodorizer Dryer

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  • Sku Code: #S2931
    Weight: 0.21kg

    Dehumidify, deodorize, disinfect.
    Sterilization and stops beriberi and odors.
    Overcome overheating and heat asymmetry.
    Safely dry leather or rubber footwear.
    Great for hikers, hunters, soccer players, outdoorsman, golfers, tennis players, skiers, fishermen, etc.
    Vents and risers enable warm dry air to circulate over, under, and through the shoe.
    All you need to do is place this product inside shoes and plug in.
    US regulatory Plug
    Voltage Rating: 220V / 50-60Hz.
    Power Rating: 12W.
    Material: Plastic+ Metal.
    Dimensions: 15 * 9.5 * 4 cm(approx)
    Cable length: About 150 cm.
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