3 in1 LED Night Light USB Essential Oil Ultrasonic Air Humidifier electric Aroma Diffuser Aromatherapy Dry Protecting

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Location: China
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    (1).Technology: high speed vibration of ultrasonic compounds the water and essentialoil to anion for being absorbed by body.

    (2).Main Material: PP (strong corrosion resistance)

    (3).Size: 72mm(length)*130mm(Height)

    (4).Max Water capacity: 70ml  

    (5).Power resource: USB

    (6).Power: DC 5V 800MA

    (7).Rated Electricity Consumption: 4W

    (8).Vibration frequency: about 3MHz

    (9).Working time: 4 options (180/120/60/30 minutes).

    (10)Duration time: 3 hours. When time is up or no water it will turn off automatically.

    (11).Numbers of LED: 6 lights

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    Aroma Diffuser


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