Creative And Changeful Multi-functional Desktop Phone Stents Of The Head Of A Bed Deformation Can Be Arbitrary For Mobile phone

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    Item Specifics

    Applicable models: all kinds of mobile phone

    Class number: stents at will

    Apply brand: smart phones

    Color:black white green orgen yellow

    Product Introdution

    Meaning form mobile scaffold made of base, flat tube, and mobile phone clip of three parts;The whole length of 105 cm, accord with human body engineering principle, keep the cell phone when hung on the neck with

    eyes a proper distance, to avoid long time use of myopia.Arbitrary deformation of flat tube can develop intelligence, imagination and become QuCheng myself like the modelling.Mobile phones clip past lives like a snake,

    can be clamped under 6 inches of all mobile phones.In different thickness of base can be conveniently fixed plate (1-50 mm).

    Product Features

    1. Product portability.

    2. The flat tube adopts aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy material, soft outside and internal metal toughness, modelling diversity, suitable for various occasions.

    3. Mobile phone clip open maximum 85 mm, can be in 6 inches below the mobile phone, and can be up and down, left and right sides two-way adjustment direction.

    4. The base is strong, quick and convenient operation, can be arbitrary clamp fixed a 1-50 mm thick.

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    Weight: 0.307(net: 0.3)kg




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