What are the B2B foreign trade websites? The top ten foreign trade website introductions in the world

What are the B2B foreign trade websites? The following is the top ten B2B foreign trade website introduction in the world.

1. Globalsources.Com The price of Global Sources is the most expensive. Usually, the annual fee for joining a company is between 100,000 and 200,000. It targets a large group of customers, and small companies choose carefully. Recently, Global Sources and HC Network jointly launched a mechanical channel with an annual fee of 40,000 yuan, which can be launched in October this year. This is a signal that Global Sources has turned to the online market.

2, Alibaba He is the largest B2B platform, the effect is more obvious. Chinese suppliers on the platform are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Here I would like to talk about the author's concern: there are too many Chinese sellers in Ali, and the Ali platform allows buyers to send inquiries, resulting in fierce price competition, so Ali's list of profits is low. From a certain perspective, Ali is also a platform for foreigners to measure the price of Chinese suppliers.

3, Made-in-China.Com China's status as a manufacturing power also confirms that this website will definitely impress foreign customers. The advertising of this website is not very strong. It is mainly based on word of mouth at home and abroad, and the ranking of search engine optimization is also good. If you are a small business, consider buying two B2B platform services, China Manufacturing Network is a priority.

4, Ec21.Com and Ecplaza.Net belong to the Korean B2B website, free members basically have no effect, just let you know the internal basic functions. The key to their entry into China is sales. Ec21 allows HTML pages for member pages, so many SEO tips can be used to bring targeted customers to the company's own website. Like Ec21, Ecplaza.Net is also a B2B station from South Korea, and the effect is similar to Ec21.

5, ECVV.Com A pay-for-performance B2B platform, if the B2B platform that is profitable by annual fee is divided into the first generation, this kind of profit model that imitates Google advertising and pays by effect can be called the second generation B2B platform. . Suppliers use the ECVV “pay-as-you-go” service, and the premise of determining the payment is the valid enquiry received by the supplier through the ECVV website. In addition, the Wanguo Commercial Network is also a pay-per-performance platform.

6, Tradekey.Com A black horse in the international B2B platform, if only by inquiry, the effect is not bad. . They have now canceled the free membership, the silver membership is 369 dollars, the price is not expensive and the number of suppliers above is not much. There are very few Gold members in Tradekey, which means that the Silver members can meet the needs of the general business, and the competition on the platform has not yet reached the heat.

7, eBay Do not mistakenly think that eBay is for individual auction sites, in fact, in addition to C2C on eBay, B2C and B2B transactions are also very active. There is a wholesale area in each category of eBay, which can publish wholesale information, and many of the powerseller purchases in eBay are amazingly large, and the scale is no less than the international buyers in Globalsource.

8, iOffer.Com A US trading platform, strictly speaking, cannot be classified as a B2B platform, but has a wholesale business. The above wholesale transactions are very active and usually are small orders.

9. DHgate.com An emerging B2B platform, established by Ms. Wang Shuzhen, the CEO of the former Joyo.com, is aimed at Chinese SMEs. The seller registration is completely free, and the product can be arbitrarily published. After purchasing the goods, the foreign buyer will pay the DHgate company with Paypal. DHgate will notify the Chinese supplier to deliver the goods. The buyer will have no problem after receiving the goods and notify DHgate to lend to the Chinese supplier. , greatly reducing the risk of fraud by international buyers. Dunhuang Network also has foreign trade B2C related business.

10. There are also some B2B stations, such as Wordbid.com, Europages.com, Compass.com, Fuzing.com, Diytrade.com (formerly ebigchina), Tpage.com, etc., which are also the focus of discussion. The effect is definitely there. Depending on the specific circumstances of the company. In short, if you want to talk about business on the B2B platform, you still have to work hard to manage it. Even if you only use one platform and play it to the extreme, it will come out.