Smart Bracelet Leaderboard: At a Glance

The diversity and precision of modern lifestyles make smart wearable devices have enough room for development. More and more people are paying attention to the quality of life every day. This is not just a study of life beyond the work, but also a rich spiritual life. More and more people are paying more attention to their physical health data. Data that has been required to be measured by professional equipment has now been solved with only a small wrist device, such as how many steps are taken each day, what is the heart rate at this moment, the sleep time at night and the quality of sleep. Obviously, in addition to the constraints of the profession, the bracelet gives us more.

However, in the face of the dazzling bracelet on the market, how to choose to become a trouble for everyone, choose the bracelet not only has a cool appearance, but also has accurate data support, there is beauty and material is the leader in the bracelet. .

Now we have a list of smart bracelets, and students who are new to the bracelet should not miss this opportunity.

TOP1: Xiaomi bracelet 3

Speaking of the bracelet, Xiaomi is always a brand that we can't avoid, because Xiaomi's smart wearable market is really too strong, and it has become a global shipping giant, which also reflects the quality of Xiaomi bracelet products. A favorite from consumers around the world. As the latest smart wearable product of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Bracelet 3 has condensed the latest technologies of Xiaomi, and created the peak value of the bracelet. Those who entered the bracelet must not miss it.


The Xiaomi Bracelet 3 is equipped with a touchable large screen. The operation of the opponent's ring can be realized by one stroke and one stroke. It is easy to learn and looks very windy. Wearing such a large screen on the wrist can not only achieve multiple functions, but also support the display of WeChat, QQ, and incoming calls after connecting the smart phone. Even if the mobile phone is not taken out, the unread message can still be understood.

More than the screen, Xiaomi Bracelet 3 also supports real-time data display of running, cycling, walking and other fitness methods. Even swimming and diving can still be done. The waterproof depth of 50 meters can make you go deeper, through the bracelet 3 Get a better understanding of your body status, such as your heart rate and speed, and get better exercise. Busy work or study makes sleep seem to be a luxury. Xiaomi Bracelet 3 can accurately record every night's sleep information. Deep sleep and light sleep data can be displayed on the mobile phone to help improve sleep quality.


TOP2: Honor Bracelet 3

How much does a professional device that collects sleep, heart rate, steps, and message detection cost? Counting down may be thousands of pieces, but on this little Honor bracelet 3, these features can be achieved, and not weaker than professional equipment. Moreover, the market price is only 139 yuan at present, which has become a blast of 100 yuan bracelet, but the price of 100 yuan enjoys thousands of yuan.


Honor Bracelet 3 supports 50 meters deep waterproof, wash, bath, swim and wear, and will not be bothered by repeated picking. Honor Bracelet 3 also supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring. As long as the wristband has electricity, you can raise your wrist and light the bracelet to check the real-time heart rate. The heartbeat moment can also be accurately recorded. Scientific sleep monitoring is an exclusive private sleep doctor for users with poor sleep quality. When detecting poor sleep, you can get timely suggestions on improvement suggestions through the bracelet to make sleep more quality. As a smart wearable device, the Honor bracelet 3's life is also a lever, so even if you need to travel, you can use it to go home, long battery life up to 30 days, completely get rid of the charger. There are more NFC versions to choose from, even if the power is off, you can brush the bus and subway within one day, which is quite convenient.


Top3: Huawei bracelet B5

If the above two models are excellent choices for young fashion products, then Huawei B5 must be the best choice for business people, not only the creative design of the bracelet, but also the Huawei bracelet B5 incorporates Bluetooth headset and smart bracelet. The function is to take off the Bluetooth headset, which is the design of the smart bracelet. Does it save you the space to separate the Bluetooth headset? And it will feel different freshness when used.


In addition, Huawei B5 is equipped with a full-color AMOLED screen, which allows WeChat, QQ, schedule, information and other news to be seen. In the face of stress, you can also use it to accurately assess your stress status. After stress, with bio-feedback games and breathing training services, the bracelet can monitor your stress and relaxation in real time, allowing stress to be released, thus effectively improving Your work learning efficiency.

Huawei B5 can also realize remote control photography, self-timer or super night scene through the remote control mobile phone, one-click anti-shake, making the camera more interesting and convenient. After connecting the phone, you can also find your own phone through it, no longer have to worry about the problem of the phone.


Top4: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro sports smart multi-function bracelet

Domestic consumers may not have much of Samsung's bracelet products, but Samsung has a deep knowledge of the bracelet. The Gear Fit2 Pro is the perfect expression of its technology. It is professional in terms of swimming. The 5ATM waterproof certification makes the Gear Fit2 Pro more than waterproof and sweat-proof. It is also an auxiliary equipment for swimming and shallow water sports in the pool. The Speedo On swimming test program is equipped to make every swim worth recording, and every swim will improve.


Gear Fit2 Pro has built-in GPS for very accurate trajectory recording and detailed analysis charts to help you pinpoint your movement rhythm. Breaking the shackles of the regular bracelet, Gear Fit2 Pro has a built-in music independent player that lets you listen to music at any time with a Bluetooth headset, making it easy to run. For fitness experts, you may have been accustomed to a certain exercise fitness program, so Gear Fit2 Pro also supports third-party fitness assistant programs, so that you can still enjoy the past when you change the bracelet. treatment". If it is Samsung powder, UA will also provide Gear Fit2 Pro with three kinds of benefits, including sports, nutrition and social.


The above is the top 4 of the smart bracelet list, whether it is the top of the list or the last list, in fact, in terms of smart bracelets, it is more like the division of different functions, some suitable for trendy young people, Some are suitable for sports athletes who can't stop for a moment, and sometimes there are business elites who are in the workplace. Different groups have different choices. Faced with many bracelets, it is not easy to choose one that suits you. I believe this list can help. everyone.