Top 10 foreign trade platforms of China

1. The price of Global Sources is the most expensive. Usually, the annual fee for joining a company is between 100,000 and 200,000. It mainly relies on offline exhibitions, magazines, and CD-ROMs. The most advantageous industries are electronics and gifts. It is very strict with the buyer's review, and the order for the transaction is larger. It targets a large group of customers, and small companies choose carefully. Recently, Global Sources and HC Network jointly launched a mechanical channel with an annual fee of 40,000 yuan, which can be launched in October this year. This is a signal that Global Sources has turned to the online market.

2, Alibaba's advantages are not much to say, everyone knows that he is the largest B2B platform, the effect is more obvious. Chinese suppliers on the platform are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Most vendors are cost-effective to invest in such a platform, and their renewal rate is also very high. Here I would like to talk about the author's concern: there are too many Chinese sellers in Ali, and the Ali platform allows buyers to send inquiries, resulting in fierce price competition, so Ali's list of profits is low. From a certain perspective, Ali is also a platform for foreigners to measure the price of Chinese suppliers. In some specific industries, there are too many users, and after more than a dozen pages, they are still charged members. The supplier under this category is not very effective.

3, China Manufacturing Network, the domain name is very distinctive, catchy, easy to remember. China's status as a manufacturing powerhouse also confirms that this website will definitely impress foreign customers. The advertising of this website is not very strong. It is mainly based on word of mouth at home and abroad, and the ranking of search engine optimization is also good. I have done a revision in May this year, and the function has been increased a lot. The inquiry of China Manufacturing Network is commendable both in terms of quality and quantity. If you are a small business, consider buying two B2B platform services, China Manufacturing Network is a priority.

4. Amazon is a cross-border e-commerce B2C platform, which is a business-to-terminal consumer. Amazon is a platform where sellers can enter the Amazon platform, open stores, plan and design stores, upload products, optimize products, and sell products. Taobao is a C2C model, and the threshold for entry is much lower than that of Amazon. It is a personal seller. Amazon is a self-operated B2C model that also attracts a combination of sellers.

5, Trade E Bao is a foreign trade customer development platform, is an indispensable foreign trade tool for foreign trade enterprises + Google cloud search technology + customs data system + 175 national mainstream search engine + foreign trade after-sales manual service, only provided by the market verified A core product that brings user value and business value to help users solve the problem of foreign trade pain points. The continuous research and development of the professional team, efficient iteration, original creation of many popular functions and systems, and maintaining a competitive position in the market. The seven service integration models of “Looking for customers + analyzing customers + managing customers + social + strategy + training + services” meet the diversified, multi-channel and all-round needs of users. 10 service steps, 4 service groups, 7*12 hours real-time online answering customer problems. Localized service center.

6. A black horse in the international B2B platform, if judged only by inquiry, the effect is not bad. Tradekey started with the site's search engine optimization, searched Google with keywords for many products, and often saw Tradekey on three pages. They have now canceled the free membership, the silver membership is 369 dollars, the price is not expensive and the number of suppliers above is not much. There are very few Gold members in Tradekey, which means that the Silver members can meet the needs of the general business, and the competition on the platform has not yet reached the heat. However, many domestic members have their own opinions on the transaction ratio and transaction amount of the inquiry.

7, do not mistakenly think that eBay is for individual auction sites, in fact, in addition to C2C on eBay, B2C and B2B transactions are also very active. There is a wholesale area in each category of eBay, which can publish wholesale information, and many of the powerseller purchases in eBay are amazing. They often purchase from eBay and then retail on eBay, which is no less than Globalsource. International buyers. You can access your wholesale information in 26 countries via Global Station Navigation at the bottom of the eBay homepage.

8 Foreign Trade State is a mutual help platform, there are many foreign trade people in it, when there are any problems that help each other! Expanding the business is only that he contains the buyer information, that is, if you become a free member, you can query the information of the industry buyers. Some restrictions are not able to see the bill of lading, only the fee can be used.

9. Foreign Trade Wolf is a foreign trade customer development software. It is an indispensable foreign trade tool + system for foreign trade enterprises. It only provides market-proven, 104 language translation technology, multi-channel marketing and promotion technology, and buyer big data mining technology. Help foreign trade enterprises to create a number of popular functions and systems through multi-language, multi-keywords and multiple search engines, and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

10 Dingyi China must avoid entering a misunderstanding when choosing an active marketing plan. Some only emphasize and amplify the use of keywords, some only emphasize search, and some only emphasize group sending. This is completely incorrect. It was just a point in the whole process of developing customers. Some even replaced the after-sales service in the name of the class. At that time, the customers were excited, but after returning, they carefully recalled what they had not mastered. It was nothing more than amplifying the pain of foreign trade enterprises. Because the reason of the things that everyone has done so many years of foreign trade are understood, but they have to pack some unconventional sayings about the pain of the company.