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We can use the idle USB disk drives or HDD drives and Raspberry Pi to create a highly scalable private cloud NAS

In the era of makers, the rise of open source hardware allows everyone to try to design some projects themselves, although the difficulty is still a bit high. If you are geek enough and have enough fever, you should buy a few Raspberry Pis. Or Arduino to play. Maybe you still don't know much about the Raspberry Pi and what the Raspberry Pi can do. Let's take it easy and discover the fun of it step by step.

The most important sign of the evolution of mobile phones from feature phones to smartphones is the screen. In 2007, the Apple iPhone was born, which enabled the smartphone to start moving toward touch and large screen, and gradually eliminated the physical keyboard.

Lead: This may be a heartbreaking question for parents: Where is my child? Your child can wander in the park, on the beach or in any public place. But the technology can provide some peace of mind in the form of a lightweight GPS tracker that can last for a day or two to recharge and provide frequent and reliable updates to your child's whereabouts, some are watches and some are backpacks. This article will tell you some of the best children's GPS trackers to help you understand where your child is.

Nowadays, with the rapid development and comprehensive coverage of smart phones, the manpower is already common. It is foreseeable that the future China will be the world of mobile Internet, and more needs will be carried. As the future is clear and the potential is endless, many investors feel that they are interested in this and have a heart to share. Then, there are many mobile phone brands on the market, and what brands have more investment value? If you are confused, I don't know where to start, let's take a look at the mobile phone rankings with the top ten brands in 2017. (Note: This list is for reference only, ranking in no particular order).

What are the B2B foreign trade websites? The following is the top ten B2B foreign trade website introduction in the world.

The diversity and precision of modern lifestyles make smart wearable devices have enough room for development. More and more people are paying attention to the quality of life every day. This is not just a study of life beyond the work, but also a rich spiritual life. More and more people are paying more attention to their physical health data. Data that has been required to be measured by professional equipment has now been solved with only a small wrist device, such as how many steps are taken each day, what is the heart rate at this moment, the sleep time at night and the quality of sleep. Obviously, in addition to the constraints of the profession, the bracelet gives us more.