5 inch Screen 800*480 Capacitive Touch Screen LCD Display with HDMI Cable and CD suitable for Raspberry Pi 3/PC

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    This is new arrivial 5 inch capacitive touch screen, It is compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 3B+, Raspberry 

    Pi 3, BB Black, Banana Pi and other mini PC. Also can be used for SONY PS4, XBOX360 and Nintendo gamer. 

    When it used as a display for Raspberry Pi, it supports Raspbian, Ubuntu, WIN 10 IOT system, and supports 

    single-touch control. When it used as a display for PC, it supports Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10, and supports five 

    touch control.


    1. Earphone:  3.5mm Audio output interface

    2. Touch:  USB connector ( for power supply and touch output, the functions of the two are the same, you can 

    use one of them)

    3. Display:  HDMI interface ( for connecting motherboard and LCD screen )

    4. Power:  Controls the backlight turned on and off to save power

    5. Return:  Only valid in the OSD Settings menu

    6. Right/Down:  Backlight shortcut key

    7. Left/Up:  Backlight shortcut key

    8. Menu:  Open the OSD/Select key ( Only valid in the OSD Settings menu )  

    How to use the screen, please click the link to view.



    • https://github.com/esplb/LCD-show
    • https://github.com/esplb/LCD-show/blob/master/MPI5001-show

    Package list:

    1 x 5inch HDMI Touch Screen

    1 x Micro USB cable

    1 x HDMI cable

    1 x CD  

    1 x Screw set

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