4.1 stereo Bluetooth glasses, stunning polarized lenses

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    1: Import Polaroid polarizer, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and harmful blue light, and protect your eyes most effectively.

    2: Hydraulic retractable earphones, 270 can be rotated, freely adjustable, and comfortable to wear.

    3: All-round high-quality call effect.

    4: High-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery, about 15 hours of continuous talk, 100 days of Bluetooth standby.

    5: Easy to carry, suitable for all occasions.

    6: Comply with Bluetooth protocol V3.0.

    Fives. Functional description

    A. Power on/off.

    1 Boot: Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 5 seconds, you will hear a Dumpt sound and the Bluetooth indicator light, Bluetooth boot.

    2 Shutdown: In the Bluetooth standby state, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds, you will hear a Dumpt sound and the Bluetooth indicator goes out, and the Bluetooth is turned off.

    B. Bluetooth pairing

    1: In the Bluetooth shutdown mode, press and hold the Bluetooth button (about 5 seconds) until the red and blue lights of the Bluetooth indicator flash alternately. At this time, the Bluetooth is in the pairing state.

    2: In the pairing state, start searching for the device through the Bluetooth mobile phone. After finding the device with the device name “BT-2”, the pairing code “0000” will be input according to the prompt of the mobile phone display. After the pairing is successful, you can hear it. The pairing success tone, the indicator light stops flashing, and it will automatically enter the standby state.

    C. Answer the hang up call

    When a call comes in, press the Bluetooth button to answer the call. During the call, press the Bluetooth button to reject the call.

    D. Refuse to answer the call

    When a call comes in, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds to reject the call.

    E. Automatic phone dialing

    In the normal connection of the Bluetooth device, press the Bluetooth button twice in succession, the device automatically dials the last phone number dialed (some phones do not support this function)

    F. Previous/next, volume adjustment

    In the Bluetooth connection state, when listening to MP3 songs in the phone, short press or select the previous/next song to select your own song, short press the Bluetooth button to select pause.

    In the call state, press or to increase or decrease the headphone volume level accordingly, and you can hear the corresponding tone.

    G. Low voltage prompt

    In the standby mode, the red light flashes to indicate that the battery is insufficient, and please prepare for charging.

    H. Charge management

    1: Connect the charger to the MINI_USB correctly.

    2: The battery is fully charged for 2 hours. When the battery is full, the machine will automatically stop charging.

    3: Charging indication, the red light is on during charging, and the red light is off when full.

    J. Bluetooth technical specifications

    1: compliant with Bluetooth V3.0 version

    2: Frequency 2.4GHZ

    3: Maximum transmission range 10M

    4: Continuous talk time 15 hours

    5: Audio decoding header 15Bit

    6: Signal to noise ratio >60dB

    7: Normal standby time 100 days

    8: Working temperature -10-55 degrees

    six. Precautions

    1: Please follow the local traffic rules to avoid using the vehicle when driving illegally

    2: Prolonged use may cause hearing loss. It is recommended that you adjust the volume to appropriate when you use it.

    3: Do not pull or insert the product on the computer with wet hands, which may cause electrical short circuit of the product.

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